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Prosta RX (60caps)

Prosta RX (60caps)

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Prosta RX (60caps)


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Provides all of the essential nutrients for healthy prostate functioning

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Prosta RX - For a Healthy Prostate

Do you experience any of the following?

  •     Frequent night-time trips to the bathroom
  •     The sudden urgent need to urinate
  •     Incontinence
  •     Pain and suffering caused by prostate enlargement
  •     Impaired sexual function / Erectile Disfunction
  •     Reducing / preventing the risk of prostate cancer
  •     High cholesterol levels

Prosta RX has been designed to combine all the nutrients needed to ensure healthy functioning of the prostate.

Benign (nonmalignant) enlargement of the prostate gland is medically known as BPH or benign prostatic hyperplasia.

It is thought that over 50% of men will have BPH during their lifetime. After the age of 80, almost every man has it. 

The most common symptoms of BPH include frequent urination, getting up to urinate at night, incomplete emptying of the bladder, waiting a while before the flow of urine begins; urgency, which is the inability to "hold it" and even incontinence. 

The symptoms of BPH and prostate cancer can be similar. Anyone suffering from any of the described symptoms should see a physician for a proper diagnosis.

The prostate gland undergoes the process of enlargement because of certain hormonal changes and some nutritional deficiencies.

The main treatment in the past has been a surgical procedure called a TURP (trans-urethral resection of the prostate) which removes some of the prostate tissue to increase the opening for the flow of urine.  Medications, such as Hytrin, Cardura ,and Proscar improve some of the symptoms as well. Unfortunately, neither the surgery nor the medications really decrease the size of the prostate.

Prosta RX is a Natural alternative for treatment.  The Prostate Formula, Prosta RX combines a number of natural substances that are known to improve the health of the prostate gland and may even decrease its size. Prosta Rx contains essential ingredients to promote healthy functioning of the prostate including Vitamin E, Pumpkin SeedsExtract, Saw Palmetto, African Pygeum, Lycopene and Zinc.

Numerous studies indicate that Vitamin E substantially reduces the risk of prostate cancer.  A study conducted in Finland followed 29,132 men from 1985 to 1991. The men who took Vitamin E, (50 IU's  per day) experienced 41 percent fewer deaths from prostate cancer than those not receiving Vitamin E. (Heinonen O.P, Albanes D., Virtamo J,  Taylor P.R., Huttunen J.K., Hartman A.M., Haapakoskim J., Malila N.,  Rautalahti M., Ripatti S., Maenpaa H.,  Teerenhovi L., Koss L., Virolainen M., and Edwards B.K. 

Zinc is probably the single most important nutrient for a healthy prostate. The normal prostate gland contains more zinc than any other organ. Zinc supplementation has been shown to diminish the symptoms of BPH and actually reduce the size of the prostate. (Bush I.M., Berman E., Nourkayhan S., et al. Zinc treatment for reduction of hyperplasia of prostate. Fed Proc; 35(3): 361, 1976.)

Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repens, Sabal serrulata) has been demonstrated to have significant benefits in treating BPH. In Europe, it is used extensively in treating BPH. Clinical studies demonstrate that 320 mg per day is an effective treatment for symptoms of BPH.

A 1998 study by Harvard researchers found that Saw Palmetto extract was effective in the treatment of BPH. (Wilt T.J., Ishani A., Stark, Saw Palmetto Extracts for treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia. JAMA, 380:160-169, 1998.)

Another study conducted in Germany found that taking 160mg of Saw Palmetto twice-daily reduced night time urination in 73% of the men tested. (Bach D., Ebeling L. Long-term drug treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia - results of a prospective 3-year multicultural study using Sabal extract IDS 89. Phytomedicine, 3:105-11, 1996.)

Positive results with BPH usually take four to six weeks. Improved prostate health requires continual use of Saw Palmetto.

Pygeum Africanum is an evergreen tree in Africa. Its bark has historically been used to treat urinary tract infections. Pygeum africanum has been used to treat BPH in Europe since the 1980s. The results of many clinical trials demonstrate the effectiveness of Pygeum in reducing the symptoms of BPH. (Andro M.C. Riffaud J.P..Pygeum africanum extract for the treatment of patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia: a review of 25 years of published experience. Curr Ter Res, 56:796-8, 1995.)

Pumpkin Seed (Cururbita Pepo) - A clinical study conducted in Germany in 1997 demonstrated that pumpkin seeds are beneficial for the treatment of mild to moderate BPH and their use seems well justified. (Blumenthal M., Busse W.R., Goldberg A. et al. (eds). The Complete German Commission E Monographs: Therapueutic Guide to Herbal Medicine, Boston: Integrative Medicine Communications, 193, 1998.)

Beta-sitosterol occurs in common foods we eat every day such as peanuts and beans but only in tiny amounts. International scientific journals have published studies that demonstrate that beta-sitosterol is a most effective natural remedy known for prostate problems.

Lycopene has been linked to lower prostate cancer risk (August 11, 2003 ). A high level of lycopene in the blood is connected to a lower risk of prostate cancer, according to a new study published in the latest edition of the American Journal of Epidemiology. Researchers from the US National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland, led by Dr Tara M. Vogt, focused on 437 men, 209 of whom had cancer of the prostate. Vogt's team were looking for conclusive proof that the level of carotenoids such as lycopene found in the body were associated with the occurrence of prostate cancer, since mixed results had been given by earlier studies.

Carotenoids are found in an assortment of vegetables such as tomatoes, spinach, carrots and watermelon, and include zeaxanthin and lutein in addition to lycopene. They have been linked to various potential health benefits including cancer prevention and lung health. The team discovered that the men with the highest levels of lycopene had a 35 per cent lower risk of developing prostate cancer than those with the lowest levels. Although they also discovered that intake of other carotenoids was linked to an increase in prostate cancer levels, none of the these results were statistically significant. "Our findings provide support for the protective role of lycopene in prostate carcinogenesis," Vogt said. "Hypotheses that other individual carotenoids are associated with a reduced risk of prostate cancer were not supported." The prostate is the most common site of disorders in the male genitourinary system.

Studies have shown that 50% of men 60 years of age or older have prostate problems. This is why all men, at the age of thirty, should begin supplementing their diet to ensure a healthy prostate.


  • Provides nutritional support for a healthy prostate
  • May help to reduce size of enlarged prostate
  • Reduction in frequent night-time bathroom visits
  • Reduces urgency of bathroom visits
  • Helps to prevent the risk of prostate cancer
  • Manufacturer

    AllOne (previously TRC Nutritional)


    Vitamin E (as d-Alpha tocopherol) 100IU, Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCI) 10mg, Zinc (from Zinc Chelate) 45mg, Selenium (from Selenium Amino Acid Chelate) 70mcg, Pumpkin Seed Extract 500mg, Saw Palmetto Berry Extract 320mg, Pygeum Africanum Extract 50mg, Be

    Instructions For Use

    Take 2 capsules daily with meals or as directed by your health care professional

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