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BioAstin Astaxanthin

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BioAstin Original Astaxanthin Supplement 60 gels

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Astaxanthin is an exceptionally powerful antioxidant that helps protect against the damaging effects of pollution, ultraviolet light, and immune stress.

BioAstin - Astaxanthin Supplement

BioAstin® Natural Astaxanthin is the world's best selling brand of astaxanthin for humans. It is a dietary supplement with powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. 

Cyanotech produces BioAstin from microalgae in Hawaii. It was the first source of astaxanthin for human nutrition reviewed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In August 1999, BioAstin completed a review by the FDA without objection and was allowed to be sold as a human dietary supplement.

Natural astaxanthin has been proven to combat inflammation in several human clinical studies involving people with:

• rheumatoid arthritis
• carpal tunnel syndrome
• joint and muscle soreness after exercise

A growing body of scientific literature demonstrates that natural astaxanthin surpasses many of the antioxidant benefits of vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene and other carotenoids. Human and animal studies have shown that natural astaxanthin can:

• protect the skin from the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation
• enhance the immune system
• enhance energy metabolism

Research has also shown that natural astaxanthin has up to 550 times the antioxidant activity of vitamin E and 10 times the antioxidant activity of beta-carotene.

Astaxanthin for Sunburn Protection

Notice of Allowance for Patent Covering the Use of Astaxanthin to Retard and Prevent Sunburn 

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii (June 6, 2002) — Cyanotech Corporation (Nasdaq NMS: CYAN) has received a Notice of Allowance from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its patent application entitled “Method for Retarding and Preventing Sunburn by UV Light”, based on the protective properties of astaxanthin. The patent covers the use of natural and synthetic astaxanthin as a single active ingredient to retard and prevent sunburn in both oral and topical applications. This is the third United States patent Cyanotech has received for the protective properties of astaxanthin.

 A Pill To Banish Deadly Sunburn - Sunday Express Sunday, May 20, 2001 

"Drug could spell end of tan creams"

"A pill to … end the misery of sunburn could be on sale this summer."

"Tests on human guinea pigs have proved that the drug — called BioAstin — can reduce sunburn... Unlike creams it protects the whole body and does not come off in water."

"News … was last night welcomed by British cancer charities."

Astaxanthin was featured in a recent Daily Mail article as a possible cure for sunburn

BioAstin was the subject of a clinical study conducted by Creighton University USA, School of Pharmacy, that compared the in-vitro oxygen free radical scavenging ability of BioAstin with other commercially available antioxidants.

The study showed, and confirmed, that BioAstin natural astaxanthin was a significantly more potent antioxidant than vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene, pycnogenol, grape seed extract.

Video of Bioastin by Nutrex. Imported into Europe by Perfect Shape

Independent Pharmacist discusses the benefits of Astaxanthin. Imported into the UK by Perfect Shape

What is BioAstin?

BioAstin™ is a new preparation of carefully cultured microalgae supplying a full daily serving of astaxanthin (ASTA-ZAN-THIN) in one softgel capsule. Previously, astaxanthin was available only by eating huge amounts of salmon or shrimp. What is Astaxanthin? An exceptionally powerful antioxidant, Astaxanthin is over 550 times stronger than either vitamin E  and 10 times stronger than Beta-Carotene. This compound helps protect against the damaging effects of pollution, ultraviolet light, and immune stress. Astaxanthin is also a CAROTENOID, which places it in the family of natural compounds that give fruits and vegetables their orange, yellow, and red colors. In nature, astaxanthin can be seen in the red coloration of salmon and shrimp. The astaxanthin in BioAstin™ is derived entirely from vegetable microalgae

How much BioAstin should I take each day?

Researchers recommend a daily intake of one capsule containing (4mgs.) four milligrams. For maximum effectiveness take BioAstin™ with meals, once per day. One capsule provides the equivalent strength of astaxanthin found in a one pound serving of salmon.

Is BioAstin safe?

BioAstin™ is a naturally occurring dietary compound, not a drug. There are no known side effects. Capsules are filled in a federally inspected nutraceutical facility. Source algae are cultured in controlled conditions in pure waters on the pristine Kona coast of Hawaii's Big Island.  In addition the supplement is recognised as a food component in the EU diet.

Check  out the BioAstin Reviews   page to see what people are saying about Bioastin.

Bioastin and Astaxanthin Research

Bioastin and Astaxanthin News

Dr. Joseph Mercola recently praised natural astaxanthin for its many health benefits 

The Daily Mail - Bioastin - Could this pill cure sunburn?

So look no further, BioAstin contains the substance astaxanthin and is already being used by hundreds of regular customers and you could be one of them!




  • Supports Joint Health and Healthy Tendons
  • Supports a Healthy Immune Function
  • 550 times stronger than Vitamin E, 800 times stronger than COQ10
  • Assists in protecting skin from UV light
  • Promotes a healthy cardiovascular system
  • Manufacturer



    Amount Per Serving (1cap) - Vitamin A (as Beta Carotene) 65iu 1% RDA, Vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopherol) 50iu 330% RDA, Natural Astaxathin 4mg, Lutein 40mcg. Other ingredients : safflower oil, gelatin



    Instructions For Use

    Suggested Usage : As a dietary supplement, take 1 or 2 capsules daily with a meal. Serving Size 1 capsule - servings per container 60.

    Nutritional Facts

    Contains NO salt, NO yeast, NO sugar, NO corn, NO wheat and GMO free.

Customer Reviews

Supreme supplement Review by Nacho
Excellent supplement for great performance during sport activities. It gives you almost double performance. appart of the antioxidant propierties in joints, eyes, etc (Posted on 7/19/2011)
Taken sun sensitivity away! Review by Trudy Payne, Leicestershire
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Bioastin. it has taken all the sensitivity to the sun away, and made my life so much better. I can't speak highly enough about Bioastin for sun sensitivity, so glad that i found it. (Posted on 2/25/2011)
No Hay Fever Symptoms after first month! Review by Sue Heapy
I have just come to the end of my first bottle of 'Bio-Astin', deciding to use it to see if it's antioxidant contents would help with my Hay Fever. I've been taking just one a day at night.

Last Thursday, my youngest son's teacher rang to say they'd been out doing games on the playing field and he'd got streaming, 'puffy' eyes and was sneezing his head off!

When we'd taken both sons to school that morning, one poor parent was particularly suffering with this complaint. Now, I've suffered with Hay Fever for more years than I care to remember and apparently the grass pollen count that day was sky-high and had been for several days.

I was completely unaware of this, I wasn't sneezing, had no sore, itchy or runnyeyes - zilch, de nada,nothing, nowt!

I've used a fairly powerful natural antioxidant in the past but 'Bio-Astin' goes way beyond it! It really is brilliant stuff!

On a slightly different note, I believe that if you've 'overdone' the alcohol bit, antioxidants at night and the following day 'help that morning after feeling! (Posted on 2/17/2011)
Great skin protection in the sun! Review by Mary Craig
My husband & I (both very fair skinned) used Bio Astin last summer during the French heatwave & had not a hint of sun-burn.Of course we used our usual sun protection, but we acquired a lovely tan without a hint of a burn. (Posted on 2/17/2011)
Son's Acne Cleared! Review by Douglas Shaffer
I originally purchased BioAstin about six weeks ago. My 17 year old son and I began taking it. A few weeks later I noticed an energy increase, and my 17 year old son who has had severe acne for about 4 years, face started to clear up. We've used an acne doctor for about two and a half years, with only a little success and some side effects from the antibiotics. Never before has his face looked clearer. (Posted on 2/17/2011)
Cholesterol dropped after 6 months Review by L . Duncan
I love the BioAstin, my cholesterol dropped from 233 to 180 after taking them for just six months and I never got the winter bronchitis that I normally get. Many of my friends are looking to use BioAstin after my wonderful results (Posted on 2/17/2011)

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