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Oxy Gen Vege Caps (64 caps)

Oxy Gen Vege Caps (64 caps)

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Oxy Gen Vege Caps (64 caps)

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OxyGen capsules will work to strengthen the memory, protect the heart and provide from arthritic joint pain. 

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In order to understand the marvelous things that the peroxides are capable of, you really need to know all about Oxygen, the substance which is formed when peroxide is cleaved by the enzyme catalyst. We think of contaminated air as being laden with toxic substances which can damage us, but often overlook the fact that as these substances contaminate the air, they also replace oxygen.

In so doing, they may leave us with sub-optimum amounts of oxygen from the air we breathe, which may produce some serious consequences, such as an inability to concentrate, a sense of fatigue, an inability to repair and rejuvenate cells. etc.

Each capsule contains oxygen and the equivalent of 12 drops of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide derived from a combination of magnesium peroxide and pure anaerocidal oxygen.

A scientific report from Dr Kurt W Donsbach D.C, N.D., PhD

The response of the ailing, especially the arthritic, to various atmospheric conditions is Nature's clue to the cause of degenerative disease. The unhealthiness of a damp climate and the converse remedial benefit of a dry climate are frequent topics on conversation. The increase in aches and pains of some arthritics before a storm is a matter of common knowledge. Even the most vigorous are sometimes affected by atmospheric changes. This is because of a decrease in oxygen in the atmosphere under certain conditions.

There are two reasons for a decrease of oxygen in the air we inhale:

1. Molecules of moisture displace a portion of the oxygen

2. Low barometric pressure resulting in fewer molecules of oxygen per cubic inch of space.

Either condition results in less oxygen in the air we inhale.

Both molecules of oxygen and molecules of moisture are invisible spheres occupying space. A  moist atmosphere in which molecules of moisture are mixed with molecules of oxygen contains less oxygen than one in which there are fewer molecules of moisture such as in a comparatively dry atmosphere.

This can be compared by considering two baskets of fruit - one being a mixture of apples and oranges and the other containing only apples. Obviously there are fewer apples in the basket in which oranges are intermingled than in the one containing only apples, even as there is less oxygen in a breath inhaled in which  there is a considerable moisture.

The factor of low atmospheric pressure adds to the lack of oxygen in the air inhaled. In order to make this perfectly clear, let us consider two extremes :

1. The air pressure in a tyre forces the air molecules in the tyre closer together.

2. Conversely, the low pressure on a mountain top allows the air molecules to spread further apart. One says "The air is thin", Thus we see that low pressure reduces the proportion of oxygen in the air inhaled.

Another negative factor is the lessened efficiency of the elimination of the poisonous gases in the lungs. As a damp dish towel is less efficient in absorbing moisture than a dry towel, so damp air is less efficient in absorbing the absorbing the moist toxin-laden gas from the lungs. Thus, we find three factors - a damp atmosphere, low barometric pressure, and inefficient elimination - subtracting from the vitalising effect of a more favourable atmosphere.

Ideally, a high margin of oxygen molecules float in the blood stream ready, eager and able to trigger the processes of life. The ailing, more noticeably the arthritic, often suffer when they are unable to extract enough oxygen from the air they breathe. This justifies the suspicion that there is a lack of oxygen in the blood stream.

Perhaps you have observed the action of hydrogen peroxide on an infected wound. The oxygen attacks the infected matter in a boiling fury. Whilst there is not this extreme reaction in the blood stream, bacteria cannot live in an environment in which there is a dominant proportion of oxygen. As oxygen is required to cleanse antagonistic matter from the blood stream, we can again suspect a low level of oxygen and a high toxin level in those who show evidence of lowered vitality.

A Study of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Dr Bernard Edstrom brought conclusive facts and figures to light, furnishing concrete proof of low oxygen levels. The report, in essence, was as follows:

He constructed a simulated dry tropical climate in the wing of a hospital near Lund, Sweden. The air was kept very dry and a temperature of 89.6 degrees F was maintained. A equal number of rheumatic fever and rheumatoid arthritic patients was admitted.

Rheumatoid arthritis is the type in which the muscular tissues are inflamed, depriving them of the flexibility required for normal mobility. It is also known to some as rheumatism. Certain blood test were  made before admittance and the major abnormalities noted were :

1. The sedimentation rate in the blood was very high

2. The blood was a dark, unhealthy hue.

3. The oxygen saturation of the blood in the veins was a very low average of 52%

Imagine this group as they entered with canes or on crutches. Their misery caused many of them to be very disagreeable. Marital discord was common among them.

As they settled in their new quarters, many noted changes in their bodies.

They began to move with greater ease in a very short time. Wives began to receive love letters. They reported feeling happier and more optimistic.

At the end of 100 days, blood tests were taken again. These are some of the findings :

1. The sedimentation was greatly reduced.

2. The dark, unhealthy hue of the blood was replaced by the red colour physicians have noted in primitive people in various areas who are free from degenerative disease. This red colour indicates a high oxygen level. This has been noted in Eskimos, Hunzas, natives of the hinterland of Australia, and some tribes of Africa. Degenerative diseases are almost unknown to them.

3. The oxygen saturation of the blood in the veins had risen from 52% to an extremely satisfactory 82%

4. The bacteria found in the throats of the rheumatic fever patients had disappeared. The disappearance of the bacteria was because the organisms cannot live in an atmosphere dominated by oxygen.

Apparently, the most significant point was overlooked in this study : The bacteria would have been destroyed upon invasion of the body had there been an abundance of oxygen present. Thus no bodily damage from their presence could have taken place.

Also, oxygen "dissolved" the sediment which is really the red blood cells which have dropped out of solution because of "sticking together".

Oxygen alters the condition which causes the "stickiness" and the red blood cells go merrily on their way carrying more oxygen to the cells " Such sediment not only obstructs the circulation of the blood, but also accumulates to form concretion of the blood in the gallbladder, kidneys, heart, arterial walls, eyes etc.

For a moment consider the 52% oxygenated blood from the veins entering the liver. Most of the oxygen in this inferior blood is bound up in the molecules of protein, carbohydrates, fats, water and carbon dioxide. The only oxygen available is furnished from the arteries. The liver's burden of sanitation is very heavy due to excess toxins in such blood. There is a lack of oxygen necessary to inspire the enzymes in their various performances of the many processes necessary in the liver.

The Result : The liver produces an inferior substance to nourish the cells resulting in poor regeneration, rejuvenation and restoration of cells.

The opposite is true when 82% oxygenated blood enters the liver. It presents a very encouraging picture. Probably 30% of this oxygen is free molecules not involved with any other element. The burden of sanitation is light because blood with a good supply of oxygen is quite free of toxins.

There is also a bountiful supply of oxygen to inspire the enzymes to their greatest efficiency. The Result :

Quality nutrients are now available to nourish the cells resulting in vigorous regeneration, rejuvenation and restoration of cells.

Donsbach's Theory

The degree of the vitality of the body and the strength of the barrier to degenerative diseases is in proportion to the ratio of the oxygen's saturation of the blood stream, all things being equal.

The supplementation of oxygen via hydrogen peroxide is proven to be most beneficial.


  • Helps to stimulate healing
  • Strengthens memory and clarity
  • Helps protect the heart
  • Anti-aging effects
  • Heightens concentration, alertness and energy
  • Manufacturer

    AllOne (previously TRC Nutritional)


    Per Serving: Hydrogen Peroxide, Carbamide, Malto-dextrin, Magnesium Stearate

    Instructions For Use

    Suggested Usage : Adults take 2 capsules 1 to 2 times daily. Serving size 2 capsules. Servings per container 32

    Nutritional Facts

    Each capsule contains oxygen and the equivalent of 12 drops of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide derived from a combination of magnesium peroxide and pure anaerocidal oxygen.

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